Astral Legacies: The Orca's Song

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Aliens have returned to Earth to take back the Astral Legacies – the seven missing components of their ancestral power source. If the seven ancient artefacts are not returned, the whole human race will be exterminated. Now seven young people have been given the task of finding the missing treasures, which are scattered across all of the globe’s continents, from the Americas to Africa and the Poles. To aid them on their quest, each young hunter will be helped by a different animal species. Marshall is the first of the chosen children. Guided by the orcas, he must risk everything to find the first Astral Legacy in North America… Book One of a gripping new interactive fantasy adventure which comes with a satellite-mapped website where you help to complete the quest!

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    A thrilling adventure where the world is in danger from aliens and Marshall helps orcas to try to save it. I can’t wait to read the next book.

    Luke, age 11

    15 March 2011

  • loved it

    Loved this book! Was brilliant to follow Marshall on his quest and find out loads of stuff about America. Got the next one for xmas so gonna read it soon.

    13 January 2010

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