Avengers Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest - Volume One

Avengers Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest - Volume One

Storming fiction from the world of an iconic superhero team! A deadly threat has emerged from the cosmos. The Infinity Stones have resurfaced, and suddenly every baddie wants a piece of them. Thanos, the mad Titan and ruthless warlord, wants to grab them all for himself. (If he can find them.) But he’s far from the only villain looking for them. The Grandmaster and the Collector both want to restore their former glory. And what better way to launch their crusade than with the Infinity Stones? The stones may still be scattered across the galaxy, but rumours are swirling and war is brewing – unless the Avengers can step in…

  • A full-length story adventure full of thrills and spills
  • Explains the role and background of the Infinity Stones
  • Three classic Avengers villains in one deadly quest!
  • The perfect companion to the Infinity War movie

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