Awesome Animals: Panda Panic - Running Wild

Ping the panda lives with his mum and twin sister on the Wolong nature reserve in China. Although his name means ‘peaceful’, he’s anything but! Ping craves adventure and excitement. But unfortunately he is a panda… and pandas do pretty much nothing except eat bamboo and poo! But when Ping is swept off down the river, he at last finds the adventure he’s been waiting for. Will Ping and his new friend Little Bear enjoy their newfound freedom? Or will the shadows, the bandits and the lurking snow-leopards have them running for home-sweet-home?

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    When I first saw the book I thought I would like it as it looks like a crazy story. The story was about a Panda cub called Ping who wanted an adventure all the time.

    Ping was my favourite character as he reminded me of myself I love adventures too.

    Firstly I loved the story when Ping dreamed that he was fighting a snow leopard and the leopard fell down a waterfall.

    Secondly I really liked it when Ping skied down a big mountain.

    This book is great for any adventure going child aged 7 and older.

    Stephanie, aged 7

    8 July 2013

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    Jamie Rix won the Children’s Choice Award for Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids at the 1990 Smarties Book Awards.

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