Baby Aliens: Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies

Eeek! Horrible school dinners served by horrible ladies. Izzy knows what’s wrong: they’re demons in disguise! Do you like school dinners? Izzy and her friends don’t. They’re awful – and now they’re getting worse. Plus, the dinner ladies have gone really weird, making up random rules and wearing silly hats. Is it to do with the new Head Dinner Lady? She’s nasty, her food is extra-nasty, and people whisper about her dark past. Izzy and her friends have a theory: she’s a demon. If she wasn’t, why would she make them eat dinners from hell?

  • From the creators of Baby Aliens Got My Teacher
  • Another super-funny story about Izzy and her school
  • Part of a bestselling, Blue Peter Award winning series
  • Hilarious pictures by top illustrator Thomas Flintham

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