Barbie: Let's Celebrate Christmas

When it comes to celebrations, Barbie is the expert. A feast of festive fun, scented stickers and pretty things to make. You can write your wish list, colour in wintry pictures, solve puzzles and draw seasonal patterns. There are gift tags to make and Christmas cards to decorate. Even a fold-out scene. Don’t forget to cover your cards and presents in Barbie’s sweet-smelling stickers. She’s our Christmas star.

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  • loved it


    22 December 2016

  • loved it

    i like to buy it im 9 but at home i just watch barbie im still a little girl inside

    30 November 2013

  • I know I sound like a baby but there is still a little girl inside me that loves barbie and for me as a collector I think this is a must have for any big and little collector

    20 November 2013

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