Barry Loser #5: Barry Loser and the Holiday of Doom

Dogs aren’t meant to fall in love. But Bunky just has. Vomit buckets ready. It’s not your usual holiday romance. One: this is a lovesick dog we’re talking about. (Weird.) Secondly, he’s fallen for a CAT. Oh, Bunky! Barry was so excited about his caravan holiday to Plonkton. But his weekend by the sea has been totally wrecked. Maybe you know how it is when your best friend meets ‘someone special’ and leaves you all on your own. So that you don’t have anyone to hang out with. But it’s even worse when your best friend IS A DOG. WHO FANCIES A CAT. OH. MY. UNKEELNESS!

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    Barry’s mum says that he can bring his friends on his holiday. Barry thought it would be the ‘keelest’ holiday but it is the and i repeat THE WORST

    1 March 2017

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    Jim Smith

    Barry Loser is the keelest author in the whole wide world amen. He’s so clever that he doesn’t even have to try that hard to write his books… Luckily Jim Smith is the keelest kids’ book spellchecker in the whole wide world!


    Winner of the 2013 Roald Dahl Funny Prize for I Am Still Not a Loser and the Lollies for Future Ratboy and the Invasion of the Nom Noms.

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