Be the Best at Remembering Stuff

Become a word-perfect memory master with the help of a few simple skills! This book is a treasure-trove of memory-training tips and tricks to help you to drag information from the back of your brain to the tip of your tongue. Get to grips with pesky school subjects, tests and exams. Learn to reel off all kinds of remarkable facts. Strike people dumb with amazing memory feats. Boost your social life when you never forget a name again. Impress your teacher and make all your friends jealous! Go on – you can be the best!

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  • It’s a very helpful book

    9 March 2014

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    This is a really good book that helps you remember stuff like the American Presidents, the Kings and Queens of England and even how to remember how to spell stuff. I recommend it for anyone between the ages of about 10 and 12.

    4 June 2010

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