Becoming Jo and Little Women Pair

Read the classic story – then see it get twisted around! Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are four sisters, forever imprinted on our hearts. They’re growing up in America during the Civil War. Their father is away fighting, and money is always tight. Read their powerful story of happy times and sad ones. (Proof that growing up can be very hard to do.) Then read it all over again in Sophie McKenzie’s fresh new take on Little Women, which brings the story into the modern day! As tempestuous tomboy Jo March steps up to tell her tale, what will change? Where will the sisters end up? We can’t wait to find out…

  • Sophie McKenzie’s vibrant new update of Little Women
  • Paired here with the much-loved original classic novel
  • Sophie is the award-winning author of Girl, Missing
  • Vivid, heartfelt stories of hope, courage and change

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  • Photo of Sophie McKenzie

    Sophie McKenzie

    Sophie McKenzie is the bestselling, award-winning author of nailbiting thrillers like Girl, Missing.


    Sophie McKenzie has won lots of awards, including Red House Awards for Blood Ties, Medusa Project: Hit Squad and Girl, Missing_, and the Richard & Judy Prize for Girl, Missing.

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