Bella Donna: Coven Road

Ever since a witch mobile mysteriously appeared above her cot at Templeton Orphanage when she was a baby, Bella Donna Jones has been obsessed by witches! For years, she succeeds in putting off all would-be adoptive parents with her behaviour. Then along comes Lillith, who Bella really likes. Bella goes to live with her on Coven Road, and tries to be the model girl – wearing pink and being ever so polite. But when Bella comes home early one day, she discovers that Coven Road is really a road of witches! A funny, sweet and spooky story full of magical antics, with adorable illustrations.

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  • this book looks amazing and irealy whant it

    26 April 2011

  • i dint read it but it looks really good im thinking about ordering it

    11 February 2011

  • I havent read this book yet but I know it is a good one

    5 February 2011

  • loved it

    i hope this book will be very nicely illustrated with an author. people might like this book but i go for narnia and roald dahl series it even said that on the book wizard!.

    31 January 2011

  • loved it

    can`t wait to read it

    16 January 2011

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