Below Zero

Crashing in the Antarctic is just the first step of the nightmare. Sure: be scared of the ice. But be even more scared of what’s below it… Zak is only twelve. He’s not ready to be in a plane crash: to find himself wrecked in the desolate Antarctic. Brrr! He’s survived the crash. But how’s he going to survive the cold? At least he’s close to one sign of civilization: Outpost Zero, a tiny Antarctic research base. But something there isn’t right. The power’s out, and the people who live there have vanished. Where are they? Why is Zak having bizarre visions? And what is the thing that seems to be stirring, deep beneath the ice?

  • A blood-freezing Antarctic chiller by the author of Big Game
  • No-holds-barred thrills, breakneck action and nail-biting danger
  • Perfect for fans of Gone, Stephen King and The Maze Runner
  • Big Game became a major movie starring Samuel L. Jackson

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