Ben 10 Alien Force: Gauntlet/Be-Knighted

Never one to let dust settle, Ben 10 slams into battle again! Watch those monsters start to quake when Ben throws down the gauntlet! This double-trouble graphic book has two stories, puzzles and stickers – plus heaps of awesome action in corking comic strips! In The Gauntlet, Ben confronts a school bully who’s turned even nastier after finding some dangerous alien tech. Go on to read Be-Knighted to find out what happens when the Forever Knights try to recruit Ben to help destroy an enemy they’ve held captive for over 1000 years. With a new Omnitrix and a whole new arsenal of alien heroes, Ben’s an unstoppable force!

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  • Well i used to be a Ben 10 fan so of course the series is nice.

    7 March 2014

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