Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom: Holly's Magic Wand 3D Sticker Activity Book

Puzzle enchantment in the fairytale land that’s simply humming with magic – plus glittery 3D stickers! Holly is a young fairy princess who lives in a magical land, the Little Kingdom – and now she’s learning how to use her special magic wand! Join Holly and her best friend, Ben Elf, as they have all kinds of adventures in this colourful 3D sticker book. It’s bursting with puzzles, colouring, games, crafts and even your very own magic wand to make! So will you follow a maze to guide Holly out of the Little Forest? Or draw your own magic flying socks? Colour in some fairies? Or play a Royal Fairy game of cards? Do all the activities to complete your Fairy Magic Training Course – and decorate everything with sparkly 3D stickers!

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