Beryl Goes Wild

Beryl the piglet doesn’t have much of a life. She lives in a horrid, squashed battery farm, waiting to be turned into bacon. But on the day they put perky little Beryl in a truck to take her to the meat factory, they make a big mistake. Because Beryl escapes – and goes totally wild! A cute, comical animal story full of oinky chuckles.

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  • loved it

    Beautiful story…quite touching.

    17 October 2013

  • It was an emotional book

    6 February 2011

  • loved it

    I am loving this book so far! I am not finished but it is one of those books that when you start reading, you can’t put down! The start is really sad, but as it progesses, things begin to look up for little beryl…

    4 February 2010

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    Jane Simmons won the Nestle Smarties prize for Come On, Daisy.

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