When Flora Fox’s parents send their daughter off to boarding school, they have no idea that the train will take her back to 1935! One minute, Flora’s having a strange dream. The next, she wakes up without her laptop and phone, wearing a hideous uniform with ridiculous bloomers! Being sent to boarding school is bad enough. Being trapped at St Winifred’s is a nightmare! The rules are ridiculous, the lessons difficult, and the lack of hair products impossible. Even worse, Flora’s 21st-century manners will not be tolerated at strict St Win’s. But before she finds her way back to the future, she must find out why she’s travelled to the past. And it seems to involve the tempestuous girl who’s fast becoming her best friend…

“Magic… time travel… a school story which is both funny and touching… this book has it all.” Eva Ibbotson

“It was a joy to read from cover to cover. Exciting, inventive with a very pleasing twist.” Philip Ardargh

“Pure bliss. Don’t miss it.” The Times

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  • It’s okay, a bit boring and clearly for younger readers.

    9 March 2014

  • Feel really sorry for Flora! * * * * + 1/2! Really recomended it! Fatasy but it feels sort of real!

    4 March 2012

  • Good book but it has a very stereotypical storyline. Girl goes to boarding school and won’t conform to the rules. I also don’t think it should be in the age 11-99 group because it is a book for 9 year olds. Still a good book though.

    2 March 2012

  • loved it

    I really enjoyed the book and thought it was very realistic. My favourite part was when the girl woke from a strange dream then found she had travelled through time.

    Lottie, age 9

    15 March 2011

  • loved it

    Just amazing. One of my favourite books. Makes you feel like your at summer camp.

    16 January 2011

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    Kate Saunders won 2014 Costa Children’s Book of the Year for Five Children on the Western Front. Other awards include the East Sussex Book Award for Magicalamity and the Hillingdon and Warwickshire Book Award for The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop.

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