Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson

More brain-bending adventures starring the bad and brilliant Bart – the boy who really should know better! Groan as he causes chaos at a comic book convention in Comics Fan No More! Cower as he becomes an eco-warrior in Bart Gets Stumped. Hold your nose as he dodges the shower in Stink and Stinkability ... and hold your stomach as chows down for prizes in No Purchase Necessary. Bart’s madcap mishaps will leave you manic with mirth!

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  • The show is sooo funny and this comic is too!

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    I loved this book because it was so funny. I love the Simpsons and the comics because the comics are so clear and that disfigured family would get a chuckle out of any one!

    4 June 2011

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