Big Summer Reading Pack x 20

A bumper bag of fiction to sling some zing into your holiday. On the beach, in the park or chilling out at home, make time fly with a great book! From Captain Underpants to Holly Webb, this pack is stuffed with blockbusting authors and series you really shouldn’t miss. (All at a price you’ll totally love.) But how will you find the time to catch up on so much fabulous reading? Duh – that’s what holidays are for, right? Get relaxing with your favourite books!

  • A bumper selection of affordable, kid-friendly fiction
  • Beach/holiday entertainment that also builds literacy
  • Packed with favourite authors and blockbusting series
  • Enid Blyton, Holly Webb, Dav Pilkey and many more!

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  • I Really liked this book because it helped the summer blue’s

    4 June 2017

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