Bing: Diggers

Bing loves diggers! Do you love them too? Then play along with Bing in this cute board book tale of diggers and best friends! Bing and Pando are at the park with Flop. But what are those noisy machines? Diggers! The diggers dig a hole and plant a tree inside it. Now Bing and Pando want to play diggers too. Bing will dig the hole, and Pando will fill it in. But what happens when Pando fills Bing’s hole before he’s ready? Don’t worry Bing. It’s no big thing… (But sharing this story IS big fun!)

  • Bunnies meet diggers in this adorable very first story
  • Perfect for little fans of Bing’s best-loved TV show
  • Sweet message about friendship and keeping your cool
  • A very simple book to share, with big bright pictures

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