Binny Keeps a Secret

“Her books are so good you want to climb inside the covers and live there.” That’s what The Telegraph says about this brilliant author. We agree. So take a blissful vacation inside Binny’s country life… Mind you, Binny doesn’t think it’ll be bliss. She doesn’t even want to go to the country. But when her family’s house is wrecked in a storm, they need a place to stay. Like, out in the middle of nowhere. And what are those strange footprints in the mud…? Fresh, lovely stuff by the author of the glorious Casson Family books. What is Binny’s secret? Well – we promised never to tell…

  • The second heartfelt book about Binny and her family
  • Binny for Short was longlisted for the Carnegie Medal
  • By the prize-winning author of the Casson Family series
  • Poignant coming-of-age fiction, both funny and realistic

“Hilary McKay’s novels are like beacons of light.” Independent

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  • Photo of Hilary McKay

    Hilary McKay

    Hilary McKay is the award-winning author of many children’s books including the much loved Casson family series.


    Hilary’s awards include the Guardian prize for The Exiles, the Nestle Smarties prize for The Exiles at Home, and the Costa Award for Saffy’s Angel and The Skylark’s War.

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