Blind Beauty

The queen of racing fiction and Carnegie Medal winner. Nobody else writes horses like this. Feel every hoofbeat strike the turf. Once in a lifetime a great racehorse is born, whose name lives on in eternity. Buffon is that special horse. As a foal, he doesn’t look like a racer. He’s clumsy, awkward and ugly. No one thinks there’s any future for him. But Tessa senses something special in him; a hunger for glory like her own. Together, the unloved horse and the wilful girl forge a bond that will take them to the very top…

“Horse-mad readers will devour Blind Beauty.” Books for Keeps

“I have yet to meet a pony-lover who could resist K.M. Peyton’s glorious books.” Meg Rosoff

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  • rubbish

    Can I just alert parents and advise them NOT to buy this book? With a rating of 9- 12, I expected it to be an innocent , well-written horse story; but honestly I was appalled at some of the content. I understand it has a good author, and is an appealing storyline but I know as a 14- year- old- reader that even children my age shouldn’t be reading it. Girls attacking men with knives, and smoking at twelve?! Please don’t buy it: Go for another more innocent story!

    28 May 2016

  • loved it

    I love love love this book its just like what happened to me but from England to ireland

    9 February 2015

  • loved it

    I absolutely loved this book so when I had finished reading it, it left me wanting more, I really think K. M. Peyton should write a sequel to it or even make it into a trilogy. I think she had some amazing ideas and loved the characters.

    11 November 2014

  • loved it

    A really AMAZING book for ages 12+ i would recommend, it has lovely theme about a girl, her dream, and her horse. This book teaches horse lovers that you must keep working towards your dream, never give up, and it will happen. I loved the Romance mixed into the lovely book about horses, as i love that kind of theme and it always gets my emotions even more, and a really hard book to put down!

    16 September 2014

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  • Awards

    K.M. Peyton won the Guardian Children’s Book Award for Flambards, and the Carnegie Medal for The Edge of the Cloud.

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