Bloomsbury Young Readers: Friendly Pirates

Hurray! Bloomsbury’s lovely new series of early readers won’t leave you feeling short-changed as you make the crucial step up from picture books. Laughter, colour, adventure: they have all the things that great picture books have. But this time, you’ll be reading them all by yourself! Three little pirates – Adam, Amy and Ali – are tired of their quiet life on Cutlass Island. They wish they could go and live in the exciting big city. So when they spot a ship, they climb aboard! Soon they’re on an adventure full of sea monsters, ballet dancers and a villainous pirate. Will they ever make it ashore?

  • A lively, colourful first book for beginner readers
  • A thrilling pirate adventure full of fancy-dress fun
  • Delightful fun by best-loved author Saviour Pirotta
  • Perfect for home practice or guided reading in schools

Book Band: Purple.

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