Even funnier than the title. And that’s saying something. Pssst: the first line is even funnier. (But too rude to mention here.) Angus is knackered from looking after all his brothers and sisters. Even his mum calls him ‘Mr Dependable’. Aaargh. Poo. Sick. Hard work. His life doesn’t have much to laugh about. But don’t worry: this book is going to fix that! Angus is studying sex education at school. And his lessons are about to come in very useful. Because Mum wants to have another baby. If Angus doesn’t want to end up changing its nappies, he’s got to stop her. Which is where Bumface steps in…

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  • Photo of Morris Gleitzman

    Morris Gleitzman

    One of Australia’s, and now the world’s, best-known and loved children’s authors, Morris Gleitzman tackles tough subjects in a funny and offbeat way. He has never set out to write “issues books” and says that his writing is as much for himself as for his readers.


    Morris has won many awards in Australia, including the YABBA award for Bumface and Toad Rage, and won the 2013 Redbridge Book Award for After.

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