Butterfly Summer

Some secrets last a lifetime…

When Becky and her mum move to the tiny village of Oakbridge, Mum is hoping for a fresh start. But when Becky discovers an old photo of Mum in hospital clutching an unknown baby, she becomes haunted by suspicions. Stifled and lonely, Becky is full of unanswered questions. Why can’t she swim? Where is her dad? Who is the baby in the photo? Why is her mum lying? The only place she finds comfort is at the beautiful Butterfly Garden with her new friend, the impulsive, wild-spirited Rosa May. But as the two girls spend more time together, Rosa May’s volatile behaviour suggests that she is hiding something as well. In this heat-drenched summer of butterflies and lies, Becky is all alone in the dark…

“Suspenseful and intriguing.” Sophie McKenzie

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  • loved it

    This book is like no other. With Becky’s hidden past, she must join the puzzle pieces to make her life complete. Her bond with Stella, her mom, Mr and Mrs Jackson and most importantly, Mack and Rosa May is exquisite I say. The lovely friendship between Becky and Rosa may is beautiful. Becky and Mack are a match made in heaven. Their relationship is unforgettable. Mack is always there to support Becky, especially in swimming;). This book left me in tears and it is a must read for everyone!!

    17 December 2019

  • loved it

    This is possibly one of the best stories ever! It was suggested to me by a friend and then from me to my friends ! One of the books you must read before you die!

    2 June 2015

  • loved it

    I loved this book. It was really good because I didn’t expect Rosa May to be Becky’s sister. I read it 1 day because i couldn’t put the book down. I recommend it to 10+ I want to read forbidden friends because it’s by the same author and so it will probably be really good aswell.

    30 May 2014

  • I love this book so much and it is my second favourite all time book.

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    I loved this book, I want to read it over and over and over infinity times over again! YOU HAVE TO GET IT!!!! I like the way she starts in oakbridge thinking “I hate this place” but she makes a new friend rosa may not knowing she was her sister,but only she could see her because she wasn’t alive but it isn’t like a scary movie it’s GREAT!

    I want to get the book forbidden friends because it is from the same author,I am sure it is going to be a great book!

    1 March 2014

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