Captain America: Civil War - Book of the Film

The Captain vs Iron Man: it’s war! Hey – aren’t they meant to keep the peace? First Batman and Superman fell out big time. Now it’s Captain American vs Iron Man – a mighty clash of titans! So what’s the problem? Captain America thinks the Avengers should be free agents. How can they get on with saving people if they have to follow a rulebook? But Iron Man knows what it’s like to lose control. He thinks it’s time for a superhero code of conduct. Freedom vs regulation: it’s a big question. Soon their feud turns into a bitter war. Which side are the other Avengers on? And shouldn’t our heroes be fighting villains – not each other?

  • The novel of the storming new Avengers film
  • Includes a colour photo insert from the movie
  • A gobsmacking showdown of mighty Marvel power
  • Have fun deciding which side you’d be on

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    I love this book its like the best book i have EVER read …. YOU MUST READ IT.

    3 June 2016

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