Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs

Adventure beckons when Flinn looks into the art cupboard in search of some colouring pens – and discovers Captain Stubble, a real-life pirate captain! Soon Flinn and his friends are sailing off on the High Seas into a magical world of pirates who are also bloodthirsty dinosaurs! With treason on the high seas, a pirate ship to sail and a treasure-trove of comical scares to enjoy, this fantasy adventure is an absolute gem of a book to hold every imagination captive. Learn the names of all the pirate dinosaurs, and sing along to their scary song!

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  • Photo of Giles Andreae

    Giles Andreae

    Did you know that Giles Andreae is one of the most successful children’s authors working today – and he’s the creator of the iconic Purple Ronnie character?


    Giles Andreae’s awards include the Red House Children’s Book Award for The Lion Who Wanted to Love, the Booktrust Early Years Award for I Love My Mummy, the Red House and Stockport Schools Award for Pants and the 2010 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Morris the Mankiest Monster.

  • Awards

    Russell was awarded the Nestle Smarties prize for Witch’s Children and the Queen and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Witch’s Children Go to School.

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