Captain Underpants: Wacky Word Wedgies and Flushable Fill-ins (Captain Underpants Movie)

Who said only George and Harold can draw Captain Underpants? This book is YOUR chance to doodle your own daft adventures! Just grab a pencil, gear up your brain and give it some action, thrills and laffs! Inside you’ll find over a dozen wacky fill-in stories, plus tra-la-la-riffic stickers. What heroic deeds will Captain Underpants perform? And what sticky end will YOU devise for the evil Dr Diaper?

  • Doodle your own super-silly Captain Underpants stories
  • Includes stickers and wacky fill-in adventures to complete
  • Hilarious writing/drawing tips from Harold and George
  • All your favourite characters from the brilliant film

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