Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf

Charlie Bone has finally found his father, but he’s disappeared again. Luckily, this time Charlie knows where he is: on a second honeymoon with his mother. Phew! But when a new boy arrives at Bloor’s, weird things soon begin to happen. A strange salty mist in the air, chilling howls in the night and intruders in Charlie’s house! What is going on?

  • Sixth in Jenny Nimmo’s bestselling fantasy series
  • Great for fans of Harry Potter, Darkmouth or Eva Ibbotson
  • Jenny won the Smarties Gold Award for The Snow Spider
  • ‘Dark, funny, crackling with magic’ – Artemis Cooper

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  • Awards

    Jenny Nimmo has twice won the Nestle Smarties Prize for The Snow Spider and The Owl Tree.

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