Charmseekers Pack

A precious missing bracelet. Thirteen magical charms. Sesame Brown has the job of tracking them down!

When Charm became Queen of Karisma, the Silversmith made her a precious gift. A bracelet with thirteen silver amulets, with the power to control and balance the forces of nature. But then Zorgan, an evil magician, stole the bracelet and scattered the charms far and wide, bringing chaos to the land… Now, in our world, Sesame Brown is going shopping with her best friend Maddy. But she is about to be whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime! She suddenly finds herself in a strange land full of castles and forests, princesses and magicians… plus the friendly tunganoras and the less friendly gribblers! The race is on to find the charms – and Sesame is determined to win!

“The author has created a beautifully imagined world that is charmingly written with appealing characters.”

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