Chasing Danger #2: Mystery at the Ice Hotel

Five-star thrills at an Arctic ice hotel where a killer wants to turn you into a human icicle. Brrr! Chase and her new best mate Mackenzie are off to the Ice Hotel in Iceland. Good times ahoy! What could possibly go wrong? Snowball fights, dog sledding: it’s the perfect antidote to nearly getting kidnapped in the Maldives. Time to chill out in style! But trouble soon comes knocking. Sinister ‘accidents’. Vanishing guests. Gruesome dead bodies… Now a blizzard has hit. They’re totally cut off, locked in a game of hunter and prey. They’ve got to: 1) Stay brave. 2) Stay warm. 3) Stay friends. 4) Stay alive.

  • The second storming mission with all-new heroine Chase
  • Die Hard meets Nancy Drew – in the snowy Arctic!
  • Addictive action series that’s getting rave reviews
  • Bursting with laughs, danger and exotic locations

“I think I might need a holiday after reading this book. There is so much explosive action in it, I’m exhausted.” Serendipity Reviews on Chasing Danger

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