Christian the Lion

“Do you hear that, little fellow?’ Ace asked the lion cub excitedly. ‘You’re coming with us!’

It’s almost Christmas, and as two friends search for gifts in London they come across the most unbelievable sight – a lion for sale in Harrods. Unable to bear the thought of leaving the little cub, Ace and John take him home. They name him Christian. A year of fun and mischief later, Christian has grown up. Ace and John must find him a new home in his native Africa. But when they leave their friend behind, they have no idea of the special moment that will take place when they finally find him again…

The incredible true story behind the YouTube video watched by millions of people!

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  • a really good book to read

    6 March 2013

  • loved it

    I spent a relaxing hour reading this book and really loved it. It’s told very simply, ideal for younger readers and the pictures of Christian and his friends enclosed, show the special relationship they had together. I fell in love with Christian and just knew that a tear would be in eye at the end. John and Ace who bought the cub from Harrods, raised it and eventually got the help from George Adamson to return it back to it’s natural habitat, had a wonderful year with Christian. The success of Christian’s release into the wild was the perfect ending to a very uplifting tale.

    3 March 2011

  • loved it

    This is an amazing book, really good, I don’t like sad books, and I was worried this might be, but it’s not! It has nothing sad about it! I read this when I was 10/11, and I think i’d still like it now! Really, really good!

    19 July 2010

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