Christmas Board Book Pack x 4

All the magic of Christmas in books as bright as baubles. Celebrate your favourite time of year. These heartwarming stories have all the magic of preparing for Christmas – plus a funny twist or two! Join little dog Kipper as he plays in the snow with Tiger. Then giggle at cheeky rascal the Highway Rat, in a wintry edition of his best-loved tale. But it’s not all fun and games for Santa. He’s dying for a wee, and he’s stuck on the rooftops! And will Christmas be ruined when a rogue Brussels sprout goes on the attack?

  • Sturdy festive board books full of laughter and colour
  • A lovely way to share the Christmas fun with little ones
  • Sweet and funny stories with beautifully bright artwork
  • Top authors such as Julia Donaldson and Nicholas Allan

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