Christmas Poems

What should you do when Christmas comes? Hang up stockings! Deliver presents! Put up decorations! Wish for snow! Oh yes – and share a poem, of course. Now, with this book of glowing, rollicking, snow-splashed Christmas verse, you can do all of those things! With poems by Tony Mitton, Julia Donaldson, Judith Nicholls and many more, plus Nick Sharratt’s bold and energetic pictures, you’ll find a dash of Christmas spirit on every single page.

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    ihave found this book amazing ever since christmas thank you for making this when i was eating my pudding on christmas eve i read this book i gave it infinity rating

    27 July 2014

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    I love Poems, and these Christmas ones are good :)

    8 March 2013

  • I love this book and I read it every christmas!

    5 March 2013

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