Clever Books: Hello Kitty Playhouse

Genius from Kitty. A never-ending fold-over storybook playhouse. We can’t stop folding! Hello Kitty is inviting you into her home. And the scene will change with every tweak of this interactive book. Or is it a game? How exactly to describe this unique idea to all you eager Hello Kitty fans? Well, it’s a bit like a Rubik’s cube, but much less tricky (just as much fun though). It’s a chunky 3D book with moving panels that flip and fold in all directions. You can tweak it, flip the sides over or turn it right inside out. And it changes every time you fold. That’s what we call clever.

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    My sister has this book and it’s rubbish coz all she does is folds it in and out and not reading it dyer few second of folding he just throws it on the floor

    9 March 2014

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