Colour First Readers Pack

Lucky you! These super-duper famous authors normally only write great big long books, but they have written these funny short stories to help you start reading. The pictures are really good too. Malorie Blackman, Sandi Toksvig, Tony Ross. Top-notch book creators, using all their talent to make simple stories that are perfect for you. These clever people know just what you need. Exciting stories that grab your attention. Bright pictures that help you follow the action. And simple reading practice. Too right! These funny, easy-peasy books give you all those things. You’ll love them even more than we do.

  • Fantastic colour books that put the fun into solo reading
  • Created by the very best authors and illustrators out there
  • Top names like Jacqueline Wilson and Malorie Blackman
  • Simple, funny stories with brilliant colour pictures

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