Compton Valance: The Most Powerful Boy in the Universe

He’s got time-travel skills, scary teeth and a yucky sandwich. Hail the king of the world. If you were thinking of someone really powerful, would they look like the Queen, or maybe Barack Obama? Or would they look like scruffy Compton Valance? He’s just discovered the world’s first time machine. (It’s disguised as a mouldy old cheese and pickled egg sandwich. That’s probably why he found it first.) Now Compton and his friend Bryan are mightier than emperors. They must decide how to use their epic time-travelling powers. For good. For evil. Creating a recipe for custard trousers. Or starring in the funniest book in the world. This one.

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    I love this book, it has lots of humour and if you like diary of a wimpy kid and tom gates then you will LOVE this book. the author came to my school and he is very funny.

    9 June 2016

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