Cordially Invited

Your invite to party-time bliss, just in time for Christmas! From huge ‘wow’ events to BFFs only, see how Zoella plans parties. Quick: RVSP! Style queen, party queen, YouTube queen. Zoe Sugg is celebrity royalty. She does it all – but how? Well, in this book you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how she plans parties and get-togethers. (Her favourite thing!) Divided into seasons, and woven through with Zoe’s stories and memories, it’s your blueprint for celebrating in style all year round. Recipe ideas, decoration inspiration, hacks and tricks, handy seasonal checklists – plus heaps of inspiring advice from Zoe herself. From garden parties to Halloween, from Easter to Christmas, make the most of your best-ever times!

  • Zoella’s inspiring guide to hosting parties and events
  • Everything from bumper shindigs to intimate gatherings
  • Stories, ideas, recipes, tips and lovely colour photos
  • Fabulous seasonal format that takes you through the year

*Please note this book contains some recipes that include alcohol.

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