Counting by 7s

Ice buckets, brave? Nah. Brave is coping alone after a tragic car crash when you’re so smart it’s a disability. Let alone a confidence crisis. Need a tear-jerker to follow the awesome Mockingbird? Or even The Fault in Our Stars? Here it is. A miracle of a book: one that shrinks all those daily bothers and boo-boos down to size. Willow Chance, aged twelve, is a genius. Her mind is full of strange obsessions. She counts by seven to reassure herself. She can solve any maths problem, but she’ll never fit in or adapt. So how will she cope when she loses everyone she loves in a car crash?

  • An award-winning bestseller by the author of Mockingbird
  • A powerful tale of being different in a bewildering world
  • Explores important themes of acceptance, grief and change
  • Follows Willow’s struggle to adapt to a new foster family

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