Cute vs Cute

Compare and rank the cutest animals ever. It’s a brand new kind of showdown. Choose your own emperor of adorable! Time for the ultimate contest: who is the cutest of them all? Over forty animals to compare. Plus stickers to rank your choices. (Yup – you’re the judge!) Snuffly hedgehogs, playful red pandas, whiskery baby otters, frisky little goats… It’s a love-fest of sweet little faces, roly-poly tummies and wobbly baby legs. This book is sending squeals of delight through Scholastic Towers. Open up and let the cuteness begin.

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    II really love this book but I am new so i cant figer out how to read thr hole book.

    25 April 2015

  • loved it

    Hmmm what can I say which one do I like cute vs cute every animal is cute in its own way good book

    5 March 2014

  • loved it

    This is such a cute book with such cute animals inside it.It is soooooo hard to pick your favourite cute animal because they are all so cute.I highly recommend this book.

    19 February 2014

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