DK Readers Level 2: Star Wars™ - The Adventures of BB-8

Move over, R2-D2! Brave BB-8 is in town. He might look adorably ridiculous, like the droid version of a Christmas bauble, but he’s not just here to look cute. He’s here because the galaxy needs saving! BB-8 isn’t the type to go in with all guns blazing. Who needs weapons when you have a magnetic personality, hey? But although nobody seems sure whether this droid is a boy or a girl, two things are for sure. 1) He’s a loyal resistance fighter. 2) We totally love him to bits!

  • A funny Level 2 reader from the best-loved DK series
  • Meet the iconic robot hero from The Force Awakens
  • Simple levelled text to engage and support readers
  • Full-colour Star Wars™ artwork full of visual clues

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