Danger Mouse: Licence to Chill

Some mice like nibbling on cheese. Danger Mouse likes danger! He’s all about fighting baddies. We love him. Villains hate him! Just like any self-respecting hero, Danger Mouse has a wicked nemesis. His name is Baron Greenback, and he looks like a lump of evil snot. Now the Baron wants to start a new Ice Age with his latest deadly gadget. The Fiendish Fridge-Freezer has turned HQ into an icicle prison. Brrrr! Can Danger Mouse and Penfold battle across London and stop the Baron – before he ends summer FOREVER? Grab your woollies and find out!

  • Funny chapter book starring an all-time action hero
  • 160 pages of mishaps, mayhem, danger and silly laughs
  • All your favourite characters, from Penfold to Stiletto
  • Laugh out loud at Baron Greenback and his wicked plots

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