Delilah Darling is on the Stage

Delilah Darling is no ordinary girl – she’s Queen Delilah from the Land of Far, Far Away. Delilah almost always gets what she wants, and right now she’s desperate to get the part of the gingerbread man in the school play. So when Horrible Charlotte Griggs gets the part instead, Delilah is VERY CROSS! Luckily, in the Land of Far, Far Away, things always have happy endings, and there’s lots of fun to be had playing the big bad fox instead!

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  • This is a very good book for younger readers (6 to 9 years). This is as funny as the “tracy beaker” series and thats what its just like! If you are 6 to 9 years old please read this book its superb!

    12 May 2012

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  • Awards

    Jeanne has won several awards including the Nestle Smarties prize for Tadpole’s Promise, the Portsmouth Children’s Book Prize for Dumb Creatures and Grandad and John and the Book Trust Early Years award for Bog Baby. She has also won Red House award twice for Who’s in the Loo? and Bottoms Up!, both illustrated by Adrian Reynolds.

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