Demolition Dad

It’s Danny the Champion of the World in spandex pants! Meet Jake’s dad: a wrestling champ. Does your dad wear shiny knickers in public? Jake’s does. He spends all week knocking down buildings – and all weekend knocking down wrestlers. He’s Demolition Man – and he’s awesome! Jake couldn’t be more proud. But when Jake and his dad head to a wrestling contest in the USA, will things turned out as planned? Tee-hee: no way! Phil’s made us cry with Being Billy. But now he’s making us laugh – and he’s darn brilliant at it! Big heart. Big muscles. Big chuckles. Proof that the perfect dad comes in all shapes, sizes and outfits!

“One, funny, fabulous, pile-driving BLAST of a book.” Liz Pichon

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    Winner of the weRead Book Award for Being Billy.

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