Dimanche Diller

Wicked guardians, evil plots and a sassy heroine to take your breath away! When Dimanche is orphaned at the tender age of one, Chief Inspector Barry Bullpit advertises for any known relative to come forward. Unluckily for Dimanche, her real aunt doesn’t see the message – but an evil money-grabbing imposter does! Heir to an enormous fortune, Dimanche is sent to live with the cunning and cruel Valburga Vilemile, who tries to rid herself of Dimanche at every opportunity. But with Dimanche’s wits and courage, and the help of Dimanche’s young and pretty nanny, Polly Pugh, will Valburga’s plots be foiled – and will our heroine find happiness at last?

Winner of the Smarties Prize 1994.

“A galloping story of escape and adventure” Guardian

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  • Awards

    Henrietta Branford has won the Nestle Smarties Prize for Dimanche Diller and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for Fire, Bed and Bone.

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