Dinosaur Roar!

Dinosaur ROAR! Dinosaur squeak. Dinosaur FIERCE! Dinosaur meek. Dinosaur sweet, dinosaur grumpy. Dinosaur spiky and dinosaur lumpy!

Dinosaurs of every size, shape, colour and personality thunder through the pages of this book of opposites. Rhyme along, shout out the funny words and giggle at the differences between the dinosaurs. A tried-and-tested classic which has delighted thousands of children (and their parents), this comic collection of dinosaurs is a scrunching, munching, roaring delight!

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  • loved it

    its cool and its good.

    9 February 2010

  • loved it

    it is a intresting book about dinosours and tells me alot about them x

    6 December 2009

  • not for me

    A very babyish and completely for the tiniest of children.

    14 November 2008

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