Dirty Bertie: Horror!

We couldn’t have named this better ourselves. Just what you’re getting. One little nightmare. Three stories. Millions of cheeky laughs. Horrid Henry has nothing on him. So what exactly is Bertie up to in this book of horrors? Well. He’ll sneak into a scary film. (Eeek.) He’ll meet a very angry guard dog. (Ouch!) And he’ll ruin a priceless work of art on a school trip. Where should the museum send the bill?

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  • Alan MacDonald

    Alan MacDonald lives in Nottingham. He writes both non-fiction and fiction as well as writing for radio and TV. He has a particularly good track record for writing page-turning and accessible historical books.


    Alan MacDonald won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for The Great Brain Robbery in 2004.

  • Awards

    Winner of the Stockport and Oldham Book Awards for Jack and the Flumflum Tree.

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