Disgusting Dave and the Farting Dog

Meet Dave. He’s disgusting! Everyone says so. Even his long-suffering mum is fed up with him examining his nose pickings. So now she’s set Dave a challenge: if he can avoid doing anything disgusting for a week, he’ll win a £20 reward. He thinks he can do it. That is, until his arch-enemy, Banger Bates, lands him with Fred the farting dog. Is Dave’s disgusting deal about to end with a bang?

“A great read, perfect for romping through” Bookbag

“Wonderfully, wittily written and appallingly appealing” Bournemouth Daily Echo

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  • loved it

    Really funny and gross!

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    I thought it was halarious because the dog pooed in Dave’s room! I thougt it was fantastic because it was fuuny also it teaches lot of things. The book had lots of factoids.

    27 May 2013

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  • Jim Eldridge

    Jim Eldridge is the award-winning author of The Trenches, Flying Ace and Armada in the boy’s strand of the My Story series. He is also a TV script-writer for the BBC.

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