Disney Beauty and the Beast: Book of the Film

The ultimate proof that real beauty is more than skin-deep. Emma Watson stars in a glorious Disney love story that’s gorgeous inside and out: a tale of mystery, romance and the beauty within us all. Belle dreams of adventures like the ones she reads about in her storybooks – until she becomes the prisoner of a fearsome Beast in a strange enchanted castle. But life in the castle isn’t as terrible as Belle imagines. Is there more to her Beast than first meets the eye?

  • The complete movie story of the new Disney film
  • A timeless tale of looking past first appearances
  • Based on the must-see film starring Emma Watson
  • The ultimate fairy tale, full of danger and romance

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    It was amazing and it really descriptive so it makes a image in your mind. Its really emotional and if you read it you would finish in a day because how engaging it is to a reader. I loved it

    20 May 2017

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