Disney Beauty and the Beast Workbooks Ages 6-7 Pair

OK: learning at school is good fun. So is practising at home. But how would you like to master school skills in a fairytale Disney castle? It’s the ultimate change of scene! If that sounds like a great idea, get your mitts on these fun workbooks, where Belle and her beloved Beast take you through some school essentials. After all, times tables are much more fun with a bit of magic tossed in. How many times must Belle kiss the Beast for him to turn into a handsome prince? Then move onto some handwriting practice to make sure your written work looks as perfectly pretty as Belle’s beautiful yellow gown.

  • Fun-filled learning based on the hit Disney film
  • Imaginative activities linked to the curriculum
  • Beautiful colour artwork and stickers to play with
  • The perfect way to motivate children to learn

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