Disney Descendants: Book of the Film

The full story of the storming Disney movie, with eight pages of colour film photos. Good, evil and a whole new take on how to please your (wicked) parents! Are your elders always on at you to be good? Then you don’t live on the Isle of the Lost. All the adults there are super-villains. And they’d love their kids to turn out just like them! Can the youngsters find their inner goodness? Or will Mal and her rebel mates spoil everything? Plus: what will happen when the good prince and the bad girl fall for each other?

  • Full-length novel of the hit Disney movie
  • Eight pages of colour photos from the film
  • Compelling story of good, evil and choices
  • Perfect companion to the film

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    This book was so well adapted by Rico Green, he really got the facts right and made it very entertaining. Best part I think the person who adapted it was from the UK because all the Amercianisms were gone! Yay! I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read books of movies because it was fabulous! 👑

    16 November 2015

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