Disney Learning: Inside Out - Handwriting Practice (Ages 6-7)

Want great handwriting? Enter Riley’s Headquarters for a crash course in getting yours just right! How do you feel about learning? Do you think it’s fun? So does Riley – most of the time. Now this cheerful book lets you step into her magical world: a place where learning is fun all the time. Riley and her Emotions are going to help you form letters correctly, join them up into words and write entire sentences neatly. Plus you’ll enjoy ‘Let’s Read’ story sections, play with colourful stickers and make a special thank you card. Lots to make you smile!

  • Full-colour handwriting fun based on the Inside Out film
  • Over 50 stickers and lots of themed puzzles and games
  • Includes craft activities and ‘Let’s Read’ story sections
  • Helps with reading, spelling and handwriting

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