Disney Tsum Tsum: Super-Cute Activities

What is the cutest thing in the world? Is it: a panda cub playing on a slide? A newborn baby? Or Hello Kitty in her sailor suit? No, it’s not! (Though they’re all very lovely.) The cutest thing on the planet is Disney Tsum Tsum. Which means there’s a galaxy of cuteness in this book! Aw! Here are some nice things about Tsum Tsum. 1) It’s entirely made of super-soft plush toys. 2) They all sit on each other like baby seals. Totally snuggly! 3) It brings you classic Disney greats like Mickey Mouse alongside cuddly new friends. Best of all: right now they don’t just want to sit around. They want to play! Are you ready for super-cute fun?

  • Sticker activity fun based on the global Disney craze
  • Cute pictures, heaps of activities and over 40 stickers
  • Hours of fun spotting, stacking and colouring soft toys
  • Over 1.8 million Tsum Tsum toys sold worldwide

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